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DEFINITION: Europe Notes (excluding departure fees).

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American Samoa title=Visa Information|url= http://www.timaticweb.com/cgi-bin/tim_website_client.cgi?SpecData=1&VISA=&page=visa&NA=AU&AR=00&PASSTYPES=PASS&DE=AS&user=DL&subuser=DELTAB2C|publisher= Timatic |accessdate=26 November 2013}}</ref>
Anguilla title=Visa Information|url= http://www.timaticweb.com/cgi-bin/tim_website_client.cgi?SpecData=1&VISA=&page=visa&NA=AU&AR=00&PASSTYPES=PASS&DE=AI&user=DL&subuser=DELTAB2C|publisher= Timatic |accessdate=26 November 2013}}</ref>
Antarctica Special permits required for British Antarctic Territory , French Southern and Antarctic Lands , Argentine Antarctica , Australian Antarctic Territory , Chilean Antarctic Territory , Heard Island and McDonald Islands , Peter I Island , Queen Maud Land , Ross Dependency .
Aruba title=Visa Information|url= http://www.timaticweb.com/cgi-bin/tim_website_client.cgi?SpecData=1&VISA=&page=visa&NA=AU&AR=00&PASSTYPES=PASS&DE=AW&user=DL&subuser=DELTAB2C|publisher= Timatic |accessdate=26 November 2013}}</ref>
Ascension Island Entry Permit must be obtained minimum 28 days in advance (3 months for 20/30 pounds sterling , single/double entry).
Ashmore and Cartier Islands Special authorisation required.
Bermuda title=Visa Information|url= http://www.timaticweb.com/cgi-bin/tim_website_client.cgi?SpecData=1&VISA=&page=visa&NA=AU&AR=00&PASSTYPES=PASS&DE=BM&user=DL&subuser=DELTAB2C|publisher= Timatic |accessdate=26 November 2013}}</ref>
British Indian Ocean Territory Special permit required.
British Virgin Islands title=Visa Information|url= http://www.timaticweb.com/cgi-bin/tim_website_client.cgi?SpecData=1&VISA=&page=visa&NA=AU&AR=00&PASSTYPES=PASS&DE=VG&user=DL&subuser=DELTAB2C|publisher= Timatic |accessdate=26 November 2013}}</ref>
Cayman Islands title=Visa Information|url= http://www.timaticweb.com/cgi-bin/tim_website_client.cgi?SpecData=1&VISA=&page=visa&NA=AU&AR=00&PASSTYPES=PASS&DE=KY&user=DL&subuser=DELTAB2C|publisher= Timatic |accessdate=26 November 2013}}</ref>
Clipperton Island Special permit required.
Cook Islands 31 days
Curacao title=Visa Information|url= http://www.timaticweb.com/cgi-bin/tim_website_client.cgi?SpecData=1&VISA=&page=visa&NA=AU&AR=00&PASSTYPES=PASS&DE=CW&user=DL&subuser=DELTAB2C|publisher= Timatic |accessdate=26 November 2013}}</ref>
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) Visa is not required.
French Guiana title=Visa Information|url= http://www.timaticweb.com/cgi-bin/tim_website_client.cgi?SpecData=1&VISA=&page=visa&NA=AU&AR=00&PASSTYPES=PASS&DE=GF&user=DL&subuser=DELTAB2C|publisher= Timatic |accessdate=26 November 2013}}</ref>
French Polynesia title=Visa Information|url= http://www.timaticweb.com/cgi-bin/tim_website_client.cgi?SpecData=1&VISA=&page=visa&NA=AU&AR=00&PASSTYPES=PASS&DE=PF&user=DL&subuser=DELTAB2C|publisher= Timatic |accessdate=26 November 2013}}</ref>
Guam Under the Visa Waiver Program , for 90 days on arrival from overseas for 2 years. ESTA required.
Hong Kong title=Visa Information|url= http://www.timaticweb.com/cgi-bin/tim_website_client.cgi?SpecData=1&VISA=&page=visa&NA=AU&AR=00&PASSTYPES=PASS&DE=HK&user=DL&subuser=DELTAB2C|publisher= Timatic |accessdate=26 November 2013}}</ref>
Jan Mayen Permit issued by the local police required for staying for less than 24 hours and permit issued by the Norwegian police for staying for more than 24 hours.
Kazakhstan Special permission required for the town of Baikonur and surrounding areas in Kyzylorda Oblast , and the town of Gvardeyskiy near Almaty .
Kosovo 90 days
Maldives With the exception of the capital Mal\u00e9 , tourists are generally prohibited from visiting non-resort islands without the express permission of the Government of Maldives.
Montserrat title=Visa Information|url= http://www.timaticweb.com/cgi-bin/tim_website_client.cgi?SpecData=1&VISA=&page=visa&NA=AU&AR=00&PASSTYPES=PASS&DE=MS&user=DL&subuser=DELTAB2C|publisher= Timatic |accessdate=26 November 2013}}</ref>
Niue 30 days
Northern Mariana Islands Visa not required under the Visa Waiver Program , for 90 days on arrival from overseas for 2 years. ESTA required.
Palestine Arrival by sea to Gaza Strip not allowed.
Pitcairn Islands 14 days visa free and landing fee 35 USD or tax of 5 USD if not going ashore.
Puerto Rico Under the Visa Waiver Program , for 90 days on arrival from overseas for 2 years. ESTA required.
Russia Several closed cities and regions in Russia require special authorization.
Sahrawi Undefined visa regime in the Western Sahara controlled territory .
Saint Helena Visitor's Pass granted on arrival valid for 4/10/21/60/90 days for 12/14/16/20/25 pound sterling .
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Pre-arrival permit from the Commissioner required (72 hours/1 month for 110/160 pounds sterling ).
South Ossetia Multiple entry visa to Russia and three day prior notification are required to enter South Ossetia.
Sudan All foreigners traveling more than 25 kilometers outside of Khartoum must obtain a travel permit.
Taiwan title=Visa Information|url= http://www.timaticweb.com/cgi-bin/tim_website_client.cgi?SpecData=1&VISA=&page=visa&NA=AU&AR=00&PASSTYPES=PASS&DE=TW&user=DL&subuser=DELTAB2C|publisher= Timatic |accessdate=26 November 2013}}</ref>
Transnistria Registration required after 24h.
Turks and Caicos Islands title=Visa Information|url= http://www.timaticweb.com/cgi-bin/tim_website_client.cgi?SpecData=1&VISA=&page=visa&NA=AU&AR=00&PASSTYPES=PASS&DE=TC&user=DL&subuser=DELTAB2C|publisher= Timatic |accessdate=26 November 2013}}</ref>
Yemen Special permission needed for travel outside Sana\u2019a or Aden .


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