South Korea

Facts and stats about South Korea

48.96 million

Population. Ranked 25th in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 30th in 2012.


North Korea 238 km
Largest city Seoul - 10,231,217
Capital city Seoul - 10,231,217
Major language Korean
Major religion Buddhism, Christianity; nearly half of adults profess no religion
Monetary unit South Korean won
Alternative names Korea, South, South Korea, korea-south, Korea, Republic of Korea, SKOREA, Korea, Rep, Korea Republic, korea, rep. of, Korea Rep., Korea, Rep., Korea South, Korean Republic, korea, republic of, Taehan-min'guk, Korea Rep, Korea (Rep. of), Rep. of Korea, Korea, Republic of, Korea (Republic of)
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Interesting observations about South Korea

  • South Korea ranked first for population density > people per sq. km amongst High income OECD countries in 2005.
  • South Korea ranked #5 for population amongst Densely populated countries in 2013.
  • South Korea ranked first for internet > fixed broadband internet subscribers per 1000 amongst East Asia and Pacific in 2012.
  • South Korea ranked #6 for exports globally in 2012.
  • South Korea has ranked last for arms trade > arms exports, top countries since 2003.
  • South Korea has had the highest debt > banks > automated teller machines > ATMs > per 100,000 adults since 2004.
  • South Korea has had the highest gasworks gas > net inland availability since 1994.
  • South Korea has ranked in the top 2 for GNI per capita > constant LCU since 1981.