Reviews for NationMaster

Since launching in late May 2003, NationMaster has been mentioned on radio and TV.
We've been featured in the New York Times, The Guardian, BBC World and CNN. Click here
to read the transcript of NationMaster video footage featured on NBC TV. 
Here's a selection of reviews of the site, chosen either because of their prestige,
or because we just liked what they said:
Giant but easily searchable database of statistics, maps and profiles for every country in the world.
-- Telegraph.co.uk
Nationmaster.com - A massive online database that lets you graphically compare nations in thousands of ways. Whether it be olympic medals, soldiers or cell phones, this site searches more than 4,000 files and draws graphs and charts that are simply astounding...
-- Mike Wendland, NBC News
Statistics fiends and trivia mavens, welcome home. This mighty site collects data from a number of official sources and makes it available to you.
-- USA Today
It's a statisticians dream, but we shouldn't hold that against it as it's proved to me that even the most mundane topics can come alive when given the interactive treatment.
-- Kate Russell, BBC World
[A]n excellent ready-reference resource for teachers, students, and librarians... This well-designed site, whose motto is "Where Stats Come Alive!" deserves a look.
-- Linda Frederiksen, American Library Association
... an easy-to-use site that encompasses maps and data on every country in the world.
-- Nick Easen, CNN
... an astounding and easy-to-use collection of facts, statistics, charts, maps and trivia on every country in the world.
-- Joe Sharkey, New York Times
[W]hile the name might sound like a promising moniker for Superman's next arch enemy, it's actually a statistical treasure trove with everything you never knew you wanted to know about the world's numbers... Like online dictionaries and encyclopedias, every once in a while some question, debate or morsel of news will arise which will have you returning for either a definitive answer or additional facts. And like those other sites, NationMaster can take you straight to the information you need.
-- Jim Regan, Christian Science Monitor
The snazzy nationmaster.com lets you create graphs or lists that compare countries and regions.
-- New York Times
If you have ever wanted to look up any number of national statistics, the Nation Master Web site is an excellent resource for finding out any number of current details about just about any country in the world ... Apart from being interesting to browse through, the site will be helpful for students looking for basic statistics on the world's different countries.
-- The Scout Report, Volume 9, Number 22
Why didn't I think of this? If you're an information junkie like me, you'll wonder why you didn't come up with NationMaster. The site lets you do interactive country comparisons on a pretty wide range of data.
-- Davos Newbies
Nationmaster.com is a useful site to bookmark. It provides an interface to graphically compare nations. Using a form, you can compare different countries on set parameters like crime, economy, education, health, media etc. What's more you choose, only the countries you want to compare can be included. So for example, the site tells me that the education literacy rates for India and Pakistan are 52 and 42.7 per cent respectively. A great tool for journalists, researchers and academics who constantly need this kind of data. There are also other useful sections like flags and maps of the world.
-- rediff.com
Create your own questions, and use the pull-down menus to generate comparisons. You're bound to learn something new about our world.
-- Yahoo Picks
A journalist can never have too many sources of facts and figures about countries. One worth keeping on your favourites file is www.nationmaster.com. It lists just about everything about any country in the world: size, population, GDP, ethnic make-up, religions, military strength etc. Maps, too. An interesting slant on this one is that you can also rank a country internationally.
-- David Pardon, New Zealand Institute of Business Studies
The Nation Master Web site is an excellent source of national statistics for nearly every country in the world. It offers over 300 data sets on topics such as population, the economy, the environment, crime, media, and military expenditures. It also contains a profile of each country, with statistics, maps, and flags. Users can create their own graphs to compare countries, and the site is searchable.
-- London Public Library
Yes, it sounds like something that might be advertised by Ronco, but actually Nationmaster ( http://www.nationmaster.com ) is a handy way to compare a variety of statistics between nations ... Interesting.
-- ResearchBuzz

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