Welcome to NationMaster's Education section, a place where we hope to open doors to the global classroom, giving you ways of learning and teaching the vast amount of information available on NationMaster. Technology in education is perhaps one of the greatest challenges facing teachers today, as more classtime is dedicated to computer-based learning models, which in turn have become more sophisticated and secure. For students, technology in the classroom represents an exciting and entertaining way to learn creatively.
It is often said that statistics are dull and lifeless, yet they are essential toward understanding our world, and are used everyday in homes, schools, newsrooms and boardrooms. Our goal is to bring statistics to life, by providing visualization technologies and easily accessible data. We might just change your perceptions about those boring little stats! NationMaster is more than a statistics database however, we are also an excellent resource for country information, with maps, flags, country profiles and a forum area. NationMaster is therefore relevant to a number of educational topics, from geography, history and earth sciences to civics, environmental studies and mathematics. 
For the next generation of thinkers and those who teach them, NationMaster is a resource that tries to bridge the gap between the web and the chalkboard, finding easy ways of teaching and learning about countries and stats. Here you will find free lesson plans that you can use, a student area with useful tips on how to use NationMaster, and frequently asked questions for students.
One excellent way of using NationMaster in education is to download our toolbar, which allows you to search our database from any site on the web. You can also use this toolbar to go directly to the site, a category, or even a specific country with just a simple click of the mouse. Another great feature is the ability to highlight any word on any web page, right click your mouse, and search the NationMaster database with that keyword. It’s easy to use, and helpful in understanding our ever-changing word!
Click here to download NationMaster’s toolbar for Mozilla/Firefox or Internet Explorer.
Also, don't forget to try our new GeoLabs, the first of which was designed by Professor Steven M. Graves of California State University. In these GeoLabs, students are able to use NationMaster's statistics and graphing tools to answer questions. We have a few different GeoLabs which are suitable for specific grade levels, with new GeoLabs coming soon. After completing the lab, students can send their results directly to their teachers e-mail. This is an excellent exercise to assign your class, and a great of using technology in education. Be sure to check back in with us once in a while, as we hope to add new features to this Education section. 
Click here to go to NationMaster's GeoLab homepage!
Lastly, we want your feedback! Let us know if you have a brilliant idea for NationMaster's Education section, or if you have a lesson plan you would like to see published by us. We are open to your suggestions. Be sure to tell us whether you are a teacher or a student (or an auto insurance salesman) so that we may better gage what is of interest to particular groups in the Education section. Thank you for using NationMaster, and for making us an essential online statistical database! 
Give us feedback!

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