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Facts and peculiarities about KFC outlets in each country.  .

Angola First outlet opened in Maianga in Luanda .
Antigua and Barbuda 3 branches in Antigua in 2012.
Argentina First present from 1979 - 1990. In 2013, first store opened in Buenos Aires .
Australia The first Australian KFC was built in Guildford on the western suburbs of Sydney
Austria First entered the country in 1970 but withdrew. Returned in 2005 with a store in Vienna .
Azerbaijan In October 2012, the world's largest KFC was opened in Baku . The 1,600-square-meter outlet, with a seating capacity of 300, is housed in the city's Sabunçu rail station built in 1926. AFK Ltd reportedly invested 3 million euros to restore the nearly destroyed building.
Bahrain One store in Manama .
Barbados Barbados Today]</ref>
Bermuda First KFC restaurant on Queen Street, Hamilton . There is just one outlet.
Botswana First outlet opened in Gaborone . Currently 9 outlets.
Brazil First entered the market in 1973, but eventually pulled out. Returned in 1993. The company entered a change in strategy in 1997, when it announced plans to close its 7 urban locations and relocate to 8 shopping centre locations.
Bulgaria First store opened in Sofia . The first international fast food brand in Bulgaria.
Canada First restaurant in Calgary .
Cayman Islands Was the first food franchise in the Caymans.
Chile First store in Santiago .
Colombia Three outlets in Colombia.
Costa Rica First restaurant on Paseo Colon.
Croatia First store opened in Zagreb .
Curacao title=The Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean: 1954-2004 : what Next?|url= http://books.google.com/books?id=Ha8EU9C1HDkC&pg=PA31|year=2005|publisher=Rozenberg Publishers|isbn=978-90-5170-195-1|page=31}}</ref>
Czech Republic 66 outlets by 2014. First outlet in Prague .
Denmark 4 outlets in Greater Copenhagen .
Dominican Republic There are 15 KFC locations throughout the Dominican Republic.
Ecuador First store in Quito . KFC has become the largest fast food chain in Ecuador since opening in 1975, and is one of KFC's largest markets in the region with more than 100 restaurants.
Egypt 120 outlets in 2013.
El Salvador 15 outlets.
France Opened in 1991, but all seven stores were closed by 1992. Returned in 2001, with 156 stores by 2013.
Germany Struggled to reach 12 stores by 1995. 90 outlets by 2012.
Ghana First outlet opened in Accra .
Greece First outlet in Piraeus near Athens .
Guam First store in Tamuning .
Guyana First outlet opened in Stabroek .
Honduras First restaurant was in San Pedro Sula .
Hungary Chanticleer Holdings, Inc. (HOTR)]</ref>
Iceland 8 outlets in the Reykjavik area.
Ireland First opened in Phibsborough shopping centre. 40 restaurants as of 2013. Major franchisees include MBCC Foods and Herbel Restaurants (Ireland) Ltd
Israel First store in Rishon LeZion . KFC had wanted to open a store earlier but were worried about facing an Arab boycott if they did so.
Jamaica First KFC at Kingston . 32 outlets.
Kenya last=Howden|first=Daniel|title=In Nairobi, business is booming in the gleaming new branches of KFC|url= http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/commentators/daniel-howden-in-nairobi-business-is-booming-in-the-gleaming-new-branches-of-kfc-8022463.html|accessdate=11 October 2012|newspaper=The Independent|date=9 August 2012}}</ref> Reopened in Nairobi in 2011.
Lebanon An outlet in Tripoli was destroyed by protesters in 2012.
Malawi First outlet in Blantyre .
Malta 2 outlets as of 2013.
Mauritius First outlet in Curepipe . 20 outlets.
Mexico 300 outlets. First outlet opened in Monterrey .
Moldova First opened in Chișinău in MallDova mall.
Morocco 3 branches in Casablanca
Mozambique First outlet opened in Maputo
Netherlands First branch was in Rotterdam . Headquarters are in Amsterdam-Zuidoost . There are 41 Dutch KFC restaurants.
New Zealand First store opened in Auckland . 100 outlets in 2013.
Nigeria First branch opened in Lagos in 2009. 18 outlets by 2013.
Oman One store in Muscat .
Palestine Two outlets
Peru KFC is the largest US fast food chain in Peru.
Poland 160 outlets.
Portugal 18 outlets in 2014.
Puerto Rico 90 outlets in 2013.
Romania First opened in Bucharest , Magheru Blvd. 51 stores as of 2014.
Russia Originally had two outlets in Moscow in the 1960s, but these soon closed. Reopened in Russia in 1993. It closed in 1998, but the chain returned in 2000. As of 2013, there are 190 outlets in Russia.
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines First outlet opened in Kingstown . 3 outlets.
Saudi Arabia 170 outlets.
Serbia First store opened in Belgrade .
Slovakia 5 outlets by 2014. First restaurant in Trnava .
South Africa Divested its holdings from 1987 until 1994 to a holding company after U.S. Congress passed a law forbidding U.S. companies from owning South African assets. KFC sold its assets to Devco, an administrative entity, which managed the trademark.
Spain 20 restaurants by 1991. 69 outlets by November 2012.
Swaziland First outlet opened in Mbabane
Tanzania First outlet opened in Dar es Salaam
The Bahamas 9 branches in 2012.
Uganda First outlet opened in Kampala
Ukraine In 2012 the first KFC was opened in Kyiv . There are 4 restaurants in Kyiv as for 2013.
United Arab Emirates Opened 100th store in 2013.
United Kingdom First restaurant was located in Preston, Lancashire . Currently over 800 restaurants, by far the largest amount in Europe.
United States First franchise in Salt Lake City , Utah in 1952
Zambia By the end of 2011, four outlets had been opened in shopping centres in the capital city of Lusaka .
Zimbabwe KFC left the country in 2008, after the franchise holder failed to meet Yum!'s standards. KFC is scheduled to return to Zimbabwe in December 2013, with an outlet in Harare .


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