Costa Rica

Costa Rica Culture Stats


Food and drink > Alcohol > Alcohol consumed from > All drinks 5.55 2005 99th out of 187
Food and drink > Fast food > McDonalds > First outlet date December 28, 1970 2012
Food and drink > Fast food > McDonalds > First outlet location San Jose , 4th street, between 1st and Central Avenue. 2012
Food and drink > Fast food > McDonalds > First outlet notes Third country (not U.S. possession) and first outlet outside Northern America where McDonald's opened. See McDonald's Costa Rica 2012
Food and drink > Fast food outlets > KFC > Notes First restaurant on Paseo Colon. 2014
Food and drink > Fast food outlets > KFC > Year entered 1,970 2014 15th out of 18
Food and drink > Milk consumption per capita 176.29 kg 2007 40th out of 99
Happy Planet Index 64 2012 1st out of 50
Sexuality > Homosexuality > Allows gays to serve openly in military N/A 2014
Sexuality > Homosexuality > Anti-discrimination laws Bans some anti-gay discrimination 2014
Sexuality > Homosexuality > LGBT individual may petition to adopt a child Yes 2014
Sexuality > Homosexuality > Legality of homosexual acts Legal since 1971 UN decl. sign. 2014
Smoking > Cigarettes per adult per year 529 2014 93th out of 184
Tobacco > Purchase age 18 2014 65th out of 88
Well being > Experienced well-being 7.3 2012 6th out of 50


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Costa Rica Culture Profiles (Subcategories)

Food and drink 15 Sexuality 5

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