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DEFINITION: This entry gives the total length of the road network and includes the length of the paved and unpaved portions.
Bermuda public roads - 225 km; private roads - 222 km
British Indian Ocean Territory short section of paved road between port and airfield on Diego Garcia
Cote d'Ivoire includes intercity and urban roads; another 20,000 km of dirt roads are in poor condition and 150,000 km of dirt roads are impassable
Faroe Islands no roads between towns
France there are another 5,100 km of roadways in overseas departments
Gaza Strip see entry for West Bank
Germany includes local roads
Greenland although there are short roads in towns, there are no roads between towns; inter-urban transport takes place either by sea or air
Kenya there also are 100,000 km of rural roads and 14,500 km of urban roads for a national total of 177,765 km
Maldives village roads are mainly compacted coral
Marshall Islands paved roads on major islands (Majuro, Kwajalein), otherwise stone-, coral-, or laterite-surfaced roads and tracks
Montserrat volcanic eruptions that began in 1995 destroyed most of the 227 km road system; a new road infrastructure has been built in the north end of the island
Palau estimated to have 60 km of roads as of 1996
Peru includes 23,838 km of national roads, 19,049 km of departmental roads, and 60,000 km of local roads
Russia includes public, local, and departmental roads
Serbia and Montenegro roadways in Kosovo listed separately
Solomon Islands includes 800 km of private plantation roads
Sweden (includes 98,400 km of state roads, 433,500 km of private roads, and 41,000 km of muncipal roads; 215,700 km of these are open to public traffic)
Virgin Islands the only US possession where driving on the left side of the road is practiced
West Bank includes Gaza Strip


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