Terrorism > Protocol against violence at international airports: Countries Compared

DEFINITION: Date of adoption of the United Nations Protocol on the Suppression on the Suppression of Unlawful Acts of Violence at Airports Serving International Civil Aviation, supplementary to the Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against the Safety of Civil Aviation, signed in Montreal on Feb 24 1988.
Barbados 12-Sep-02
Belarus 1-May-89
Belize 10-Jun-98
Bolivia 1 February 2002(a)
Brazil 9-May-97
Bulgaria 26-Mar-91
Burkina Faso 8-Dec-98
Burma 22-May-96
Cambodia 8-Nov-96
Cameroon 23 November 1988(S)
Canada 2-Aug-93
Cape Verde 12-Sep-02
Chile 15-Aug-89
China 5-Mar-99
Costa Rica 24 February 1988(S)
Croatia 8-Jun-93
Cyprus 23-Apr-02
Czech Republic 25-Mar-93
Democratic Republic of the Congo 13 April 1989(S)
Egypt 25-Jul-00
El Salvador 8-Apr-88
Estonia 22-Dec-93
Ethiopia 15-Dec-99
Fiji 21-Sep-92
Gabon 20 September 1988(S)
Georgia 15-Feb-99
Ghana 15-Jul-97
Grenada 15 January 2002(a)
Guatemala 11-Oct-94
Guinea 1-Oct-98
Guyana 19-Jun-02
Hungary 7-Sep-88
Iceland 9-May-90
India 22-Mar-95
Indonesia 24 February 1988(S)
Iran 14 February 2002(a)
Iraq 31-Jan-90
Ireland 26-Jul-91
Israel 2-Apr-93
Jamaica 24 February1988(S)
Japan 24-Apr-98
Jordan 18-Sep-92
Kazakhstan 18-May-95
Kenya 5-Oct-95
Kuwait 8-Mar-89
Kyrgyzstan 28-Feb-00
Lebanon 27-May-96
Liberia 24 February 1988(S)
Madagascar 30-Mar-98
Malawi 24 February 1988(S)
Malaysia 24 February 1988(S)
Maldives 22-Mar-99
Mali 31-Oct-90
Malta 14-Jun-91
Marshall Islands 30-May-89
Mauritius 17-Aug-89
Mexico 11-Oct-90
Moldova 20-Jun-97
Monaco 22-Dec-93
Mongolia 22-Sep-99
Morocco 15 February 2002(R)
Mozambique 16-Jan-03
New Zealand 2-Aug-99
Nicaragua 25-Apr-02
Niger 24 February 1988(S)
Norway 29-May-90
Oman 27-Nov-92
Palau 12-Oct-95
Panama 10-Apr-96
Paraguay 23-Jul-02
Peru 7-Jun-89
Philippines 25 January 1989(S)
Poland 24 February 1988(S)
Russia 31-Mar-89
Rwanda 16-May-02
Saint Lucia 11-Jun-90
Samoa 9-Jul-98
Saudi Arabia 21-Feb-89
Senegal 24 February 1988(S)
Singapore 22-Nov-96
Slovenia 27-May-92
South Africa 21-Sep-98
South Korea 27-Jun-90
Sri Lanka 11-Feb-97
Sudan 15-May-00
Sweden 26-Jul-90
Switzerland 9-Oct-90
Syria 18-Jul-02
Tajikistan 29-Feb-96
Thailand 14-May-96
The Gambia 16-Jun-00
Togo 9-Feb-90
Tonga 10-Dec-02
Trinidad and Tobago 3-Apr-01
Tunisia 7-Jun-94
Turkey 7-Jul-89
Turkmenistan 25-May-99
Uganda 17-Mar-94
Ukraine 3-Jan-90
United Arab Emirates 9-Mar-89
Uruguay 3-Dec-98
Uzbekistan 7-Feb-94
Venezuela 24 February 1988(S)
Vietnam 25-Aug-99


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