Terrorism > Convention on safety of maritime navigation: Countries Compared

DEFINITION: Date of adoption of the United Nations Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against the Safety of Maritime Navigation, initiated in Rome on March 10 1988. Signature (S), Ratification (R ), Accession (a), Acceptance (A), Approval (AA), Succession (d). If there are no abbreviations that means the type of the adoption of the treaty by the member states is not specifically indicated.
Barbados 6 May 1994(a)
Belarus 4 December 2002(a)
Bolivia 13 February 2002(a)
Botswana 14-Sep
Bulgaria 8 July 1999(R)
Canada 18 June 1993(R)
Cape Verde 3 January 2003(a)
Chile 22 April 1994(R)
China 20 August 1991(R)
Cuba 20-Nov
Cyprus 2 February 2000(a)
Dominica 31 August 2001(a)
Ecuador 10 March 2003(a)
Egypt 8 January 1003(R)
El Salvador 7 December 2000(a)
Estonia 15 February 2002(a)
Finland 12-Nov
France 2-Dec
Ghana 1 November 2002(a)
Grenada 9 January 2002(a)
Guyana 2 January 2003(a)
Hungary 9-Nov
Iceland 28 May 2002(a)
India 15 October 1999(a)
Japan 24 April 1998(a)
Kenya 21 January 2002(a)
Lebanon 16-Dec
Liberia 5 October 1995(R)
Mali 29 April 2002(a)
Malta 20-Nov
Marshall Islands 29-Nov
Mexico 13 May 1994(a)
Monaco 25 January 2002(a)
Morocco 8 January 2002(R)
Mozambique 8 January 2003(a)
New Zealand 10 June 1999(R)
Norway 18 April 1991(R)
Oman 24-Sep
Pakistan 20-Sep
Palau 4 December 2001(a)
Panama 3 July 2002(a)
Peru 19 July 2001(a)
Poland 25 June 1991(R)
Russia 4 May 2001(R)
Saint Kitts and Nevis 17 January 2002(a)
Seychelles 24 January 1989(R)
Sri Lanka 4-Sep
Sudan 22 May 2000(a)
Sweden 13-Sep
Switzerland 12 March 1993(R)
The Gambia 1 November 1991(a)
Togo 10 March 2003(a)
Tonga 6 December 2002(a)
Trinidad and Tobago 27 July 1989(a)
Tunisia 6 March 1998(a)
Turkey 6 March 1998(R)
Turkmenistan 8 June 1999(a)
Ukraine 21 April 1994(R)
United States 6-Dec
Uruguay 10 August 2001(a)
Uzbekistan 25-Sep
Vanuatu 18 February 1999(a)
Vietnam 12 July 2002(a)
Yemen 30 June 2000(a)


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