People > Major infectious diseases > Degree of risk: Countries Compared

Afghanistan intermediate
Angola very high
Argentina intermediate
Bangladesh high
Belize high
Benin very high
Bhutan high
Bolivia very high
Botswana high
Burkina Faso very high
Burma very high
Burundi very high
Cambodia very high
Cameroon very high
Central African Republic very high
Chad very high
China intermediate
Colombia high
Congo, Republic of the very high
Costa Rica intermediate
Cote d'Ivoire very high
Croatia intermediate
Cuba intermediate
Democratic Republic of the Congo very high
Djibouti high
Dominican Republic high
East Timor very high
Ecuador high
Egypt intermediate
El Salvador high
Equatorial Guinea very high
Eritrea high
Estonia intermediate
Ethiopia very high
Gabon very high
Ghana very high
Guatemala high
Guinea very high
Guinea-Bissau very high
Guyana very high
Haiti high
Honduras high
Hungary intermediate
India very high
Indonesia very high
Iran intermediate
Iraq intermediate
Kenya high
Laos very high
Latvia intermediate
Liberia very high
Lithuania intermediate
Madagascar very high
Malawi very high
Malaysia intermediate
Mali very high
Mauritania very high
Mexico intermediate
Montenegro intermediate
Mozambique very high
Namibia high
Nepal high
Nicaragua high
Niger very high
Nigeria very high
Pakistan high
Panama intermediate
Papua New Guinea very high
Paraguay intermediate
Peru very high
Philippines high
Poland intermediate
Russia intermediate
Rwanda very high
Sao Tome and Principe high
Senegal very high
Serbia intermediate
Serbia and Montenegro intermediate
Sierra Leone very high
Somalia very high
South Africa intermediate
South Sudan very high
Sri Lanka high
Sudan very high
Suriname very high
Swaziland intermediate
Tajikistan high
Tanzania very high
Thailand very high
The Gambia very high
Togo very high
Uganda very high
Venezuela high
Vietnam very high
Yemen high
Zambia very high
Zimbabwe very high


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