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Angola Party of Labor
Antigua and Barbuda Antigua Labor Party National Labor Party
Armenia All Armenian Labor Party United Labor Party
Australia Australian Labor Party Democratic Labor Party Progressive Labor Party
Barbados Barbados Labour Party Democratic Labour Party
Belarus Belarusian Labour Party
Belgium Workers' Party of Belgium [[christelijke ACV}]]
Brazil Brazilian Labour Party Brazilian Labour Renewal Party Democratic Labour Party National Labour Party Social Labour Party
Burundi Independent Labor Party
Canada New Democratic Party of Canada (successor to the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation )
Croatia Croatian Labourists - Labour Party
Democratic Republic of the Congo Congolese Party of Labour
Dominica Dominica Labour Party
Fiji Fiji Labour Party
Georgia Georgian Labour Party
Gibraltar Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party
Grenada Grenada United Labor Party
Hong Kong Labour Party
Indonesia Labor Party
Ireland Labour Party
Isle of Man Manx Labour Party
Israel Israeli Labor Party
Italy Labour Federation
Jamaica Jamaica Labour Party
Liberia Labor Party of Liberia
Lithuania Labour Party
Malta Labour Party
Mauritius Labour Party
Mexico Labor Party
Morocco Labour Party
Netherlands Labour Party
Netherlands Antilles Labour Party People's Crusade
New Caledonia Labour Party
New Zealand New Zealand Labour Party
Nigeria Labour Party
Norway Labour Party
Pakistan Labour Party Pakistan
Papua New Guinea Labour Party People\u2019s Labour Party
Poland Polish Labour Party
Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour Party
Saint Lucia Saint Lucia Labour Party
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Progressive Labor Party Unity Labour Party
Solomon Islands Solomon Islands Labour Party
South Africa New Labour Party (South Africa)
South Korea Labor Party Democratic Labor Party
Suriname Surinamese Labour Party
Sweden Swedish Social Democratic Labour Party
Switzerland Swiss Labour Party
Taiwan Labour Party
Tanzania Tanzania Labour Party
Turkey Labour Party
United Kingdom Labour Party Scottish Labour Party (Scottish branch of the Labour Party (UK)) Welsh Labour (Welsh branch of the Labour Party (UK)) Socialist Labour Party (UK) Newtownabbey Labour Party (in Northern Ireland) Social Democratic and Labour Party (in Northern Ireland)
United States Socialist Labor Party of America Labor Party (United States, 1996) Minnesota Democratic\u2013Farmer\u2013Labor Party
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Labour Party


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