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DEFINITION: Plan of action.

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American Samoa 20% of reefs to be protected by 2010
Belize 20% of bioregions . 30% of Coral reefs . 60% of turtle nesting sites . 30% of Manatee distribution . 60% of American crocodile nesting . 80% of breeding areas .
Chile 10% of marine areas by 2010. National network for organization by 2015.
Cuba 22% of land habitat, including: 15% of the insular shelf 25% of coral reefs 25% of wetlands
Dominican Republic 20% of marine and coastal by 2020.
Federated States of Micronesia 30% of shoreline ecosystems by 2020.
Fiji 30% of reefs by 2015. 30% of water managed by marine protected areas by 2020.
Germany 38% of water managed by the marine protected network. (no set date)
Grenada 25% of nearby marine resources by 2020.
Guam 30% of nearby marine ecosystem by 2020.
Indonesia 100,000 km by 2010. 200,000 km by 2020.
Ireland url= http://www.indexmundi.com/facts/ireland/marine-protected-areas/ |title=Irish marine protected areas |publisher=Indexmundi.com |date= |accessdate=2012-06-07}}</ref>
Jamaica 20% of marine habitats by 2020.
Madagascar 100,000 km by 2012.
New Zealand 20% of marine environment by 2010.
Palau 30% of nearby marine ecosystem by 2020.
Peru Marine protected area system established by 2015.
Philippines 10% fully protected by 2020.
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 20% of marine areas by 2020.
Senegal Creation of MPA network. (no set date)
Tanzania 10% of marine area by 2010; 20% by 2020.
The Bahamas 20% of the marine ecosystem protected for fishery replenishment by 2010. 20% of coastal and marine habitats by 2015.
United Kingdom Establish an ecologically coherent network of marine protected areas by 2012.


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