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DEFINITION: Countries around the globe have stepped forward with pledges of cash and assistance to the victims of the southern Asian earthquake and tsunami disaster.

The following is a list of contributions pledged by countries, (as of Saturday, Jan 22nd, 2005 - 06:30 PM GMT) compiled from reports by Reuters bureaux and United Nations agencies.

There are packages coming from international Aid agencies like the IMF, The Red Cross, UNEP, UNICEF and WHO.

Afghanistan Afghanistan has pledged to send around a dozen medics and a planeload of medicine and equipment to India and Sri Lanka. Citizens have also donated blood.
Australia The government has raised its offer of aid to $815 million over a five-year period. Half of this sum is in bilateral loans. Prime Minister, John Howard has been sceptical about supporting the debt relief initiative being pushed by other wealthy countries. Donations from the Australian public total $88m. About 350 military staff, four military helicopters, a troop transport ship, a military health support team and a water purification plant are being sent to Indonesia, as well as a team of volunteer medical professionals.
Austria $1 million dollars has been pledged by the government. A plane carrying 32 tons of medicine, food and emergency goods donated by charitable organizations was due to leave Vienna later Monday for the flood-hit region, the Austrian Red Cross said.
Bangladesh Bangladesh has dispatched 111 soldiers to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, with a further 46 expected to join them. Two planes and two helicopters will carry the troops together with aid supplies.
Belgium The government is sending a military airbus with 22 tons of aid from Medecins Sans Frontieres and UNICEF to Sri Lanka. They have also pledged a $1 million aid package.
Canada Given $66m in government donations, plus at least $29m raised in private donations with a government commitment to match every dollar donated by the public. Ottawa has already placed a moratorium on debt from the affected countries. It is also deploying its highly-specialised Disaster Assistance Response Team to Sri Lanka.
Chile Five physicians from Chile are on their way.
China Pledged $63.1m in government donations, plus $1.8m donated to the Chinese Red Cross.
Czech Republic Prague despatched a plane to Sri Lanka with drinking water. Officials said overall aid worth $US444,400 ($A580,080) would be sent.
Denmark Some $75m in government aid. Copenhagen has sent a field hospital, transport vehicles and a ship to the UN aid effort, Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said.
France Pledged $66m in government donations, plus an estimated $49m raised in private donations. A medical team has been sent to Sri Lanka.
Germany Berlin has raised its government aid to $674m. Germany is also sending a mobile hospital to Aceh and a military ship with two helicopters, aid supplies, water treatment equipment and an operating theatre on board. The public has donated an estimated $431m.
Greece Greece was sending two military C-130 cargo planes to the Maldives and Sri Lanka with more than six tonnes of aid along with doctors and rescuers, and had released aid worth 150,000 euros for each country, Athens said. Greece has offered Sri Lanka medical assistance including 17 doctors and staff.
India The Indian military is staging its biggest relief operation ever in Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Indonesia. This involves at least 16,000 troops, 32 navy ships, 41 aircraft including at least 16 helicopters, several medical teams and a mobile hospital. The air force has so far lifted 10,000 tonnes of relief supplies.
Iran Iran, where some 31,000 people were killed in the southern city of Bam exactly a year before the Asian disaster, would also do what it could to help, President Mohammad Khatami said.
Ireland $1 million dollars
Israel Israel sent a medical team with medicines and equipment to Sri Lanka and another to Thailand. It plans to send a military search and rescue team to Sri Lanka on Tuesday.
Italy Donated $95m in government aid. Six to eight police forensics specialists have been sent to Thailand to help to identify bodies. Public donations totalling $20m had been collected by New Year's Day.
Japan $500m (£264m) in government donations, half of which Tokyo has promised to make available immediately in direct grants. Some 120 civilian emergency workers were sent to tsunami-hit countries. The government has also offered to help set up a tsunami early warning system in the Indian Ocean.
Kuwait The Kuwaiti cabinet agreed to send aid supplies worth $US1 million ($A1.3 million) to the affected region.
Netherlands Donated $34m by the government and aid groups say a further $35m has been raised in private donations. A Dutch police identification team has been sent to Thailand.
New Zealand A Royal New Zealand Air Force transport aircraft to work with the RAAF on a relief mission to areas of South-East Asia devastated by tsunamis. $NZ500,000 ($A466,222). Darwin, where the crew would await further instructions.
North Korea North Korea has pledged $150,000 to aid the effort in Indonesia.
Norway Pledged $182m in government donations, plus $30m raised in private donations.
Pakistan Pakistan plans to send 500 military staff in medical and engineering teams to Indonesia and Sri Lanka.
Philippines The Philippines, which was spared by the waves but recently lost 1,800 killed in devastating storms, will send "a small humanitarian contingent," said President Gloria Arroyo.
Qatar Has given $25m in government aid. Qatar is also sending food, medical and logistical supplies to affected countries.
Russia Around $2m in aid but the government is sending additional aid, including grain and water purifiers.
Singapore Singapore said it would contribute around $US1.2 million ($A1.57 million) to the global effort, and had armed forces medical teams and relief supplies ready to fly to Indonesia.
Slovakia Slovakia has promised 10 tonnes of aid for the country.
South Korea Pledged $50m in government aid. The prime minister's office said the funds would be spend for rehabilitation of the devastated areas over the next three years. Private donations have reached nearly $13m, the South Korean foreign ministry says.
Spain Given $68m in government donations, and a medical team has been sent to Sri Lanka.
Sweden Pledged $80m in government donations, plus $60m in private donations, including money raised during two telethons.
Turkey Turkey, another earthquake-prone country, also promised help.
United Arab Emirates The government pledged $US2 million ($A2.6 million) in aid and its Red Crescent was planning to send three plane-loads of aid to India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka on Tuesday.
United Kingdom $96m in government donations, plus $189m in private donations which the government has pledged to match. Two RAF planes, a C-17 and a Tristar, are helping to deliver aid to the region. Tony Blair has also offered to send 120 Ghurkas to Indonesia but this was rejected by Jakarta. Chancellor Gordon Brown is pushing a proposal for the debts of the affected nations to be frozen.
United States $350m in government donations, plus military assistance involving 12,600 personnel, 21 ships, 14 cargo planes and more than 90 helicopters. Around $200m of private donations are also pouring in, with $120m donated to the US branches of the Red Cross, Oxfam and Save the Children, and to Catholic Relief Services.


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