Disasters > Humanitarian response to the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake > Donors > Government: Countries Compared

DEFINITION: Donations made by governments around the world in response to the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and the consequent tsunami.
Australia AUD 1.377bn (see below) (USD 1.099bn)
Bosnia and Herzegovina USD 67,000)
Cambodia USD 40,000
Canada Federal CAD 425M (USD 414M))) Provincial CAD 18.5M
Denmark DKK 420M (USD 74M)
France EUR 250M
Hong Kong HKD 50M
Iran USD 627,000
Ireland EUR 20M
Japan USD 500M
Kuwait USD 100M
Latvia USD 185,000
Lithuania USD 295,000
Luxembourg USD 6.9M
New Zealand NZ 68M
North Korea USD 150,000
Poland USD 1.6M
Portugal EUR 8M
Romania USD 240,000
Russia USD 2.0M
Saudi Arabia USD 30M
Senegal Slovakia
Sweden SEK 500M (USD 72.2M)
Taiwan USD 50.0M)
Turkey TRY 28.9M)
United Arab Emirates USD 20M
United States USD 950M
Zimbabwe USD 3.2M


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