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DEFINITION: Possible other sentence.

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Afghanistan Treason, drug trafficking
Albania Terrorism, war crimes
Argentina Serial rape; Gender homicide
Armenia Collaborating with Azerbaijani armed forces, treason
Australia Treason, terrorism, drug trafficking, rape, serious child sex offences
Austria Murder, high level drug dealing, Nazi activism, production or distribution of chemical warfare agents to be used in armed conflict; abduction, robbery, rape and statutory rape if the crime causes the victim's death, sea and air piracy and arson if the crime causes the death of a large number of people
Azerbaijan Drug trafficking
Belarus ??
Belgium Murder
Belize ??
Bolivia No life imprisonment sentence
Bosnia and Herzegovina No life imprisonment sentence
Brazil No life imprisonment sentence
Bulgaria Aggravated murder, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery, treason, espionage, war crimes, genocide, desertion in wartime
Canada Various crimes including armed robbery, extortion, and most offenses resulting in death
Cape Verde No life imprisonment sentence
Chile Treason, kidnapping with homicide or rape, rape with homicide, parricide, robbery with homicide or rape
China Various
Colombia No life imprisonment sentence
Costa Rica No life imprisonment sentence
Croatia No life imprisonment sentence
Cuba ??
Cyprus ??
Czech Republic Some cases of murder, public endangerment, treason, terrorism, genocide, crimes against humanity, use of forbidden combat device or forbidden combat tactics, war crimes, persecution of population, misuse of international symbols
Denmark ??
Dominican Republic No life imprisonment sentence
Ecuador No life imprisonment sentence
Egypt Drug offenses
El Salvador No life imprisonment sentence
Estonia Some cases of murder, some cases of handling drugs, crimes against humanity, genocide, acts of war against civilians, terrorism, violence against the independence of Estonia, causing an explosion using nuclear energy.
Finland Genocide, high treason, espionage, war crimes, homicidal terrorist act
France Aggravated murder, aggravated torture, aggravated treason, drug kinping, crimes against humanity, war crimes
Germany See details
Greece ??
Holy See (Vatican City) No life imprisonment sentence
Honduras No life imprisonment sentence
Hong Kong ??
Hungary Genocide, high treason
Iceland Treason, murder, kidnapping and grand and/or repeated theft.
India Kidnapping,
Indonesia ??
Iraq Drug trafficking
Ireland See details
Israel Kidnapping child with intent to murder
Italy Aggravated sexual assault, aggravated robbery, firearm trafficking
Jamaica ??
Japan Death sentence due to foreign aggression
Jordan Drug trafficking
Kazakhstan ??
Kiribati ??
Kosovo No life imprisonment sentence
Kyrgyzstan ??
Laos ??
Latvia Drug offenses, rape, robbery, sabotage, crimes against humanity
Lebanon Drug trafficking and manufacturing
Lithuania ??
Macau No life imprisonment sentence
Malaysia ??
Mexico No life imprisonment sentence
Morocco Drug trafficking and manufacturing
Nepal ??
Netherlands Attack on monarch, violence to parliament, several facts constituting an offence resulting in death of (a) person(s) (not manslaughter), manslaughter in combination with other facts, facts with intent to terrorism, treason
New Zealand Murder (mandatory unless manifestly unjust) manslaughter , certain drug related
Nicaragua No life imprisonment sentence
Nigeria ??
North Korea ??
Norway No life imprisonment sentence
Pakistan ??
Panama No life imprisonment sentence
Paraguay No life imprisonment sentence
Peru Serious kidnapping, violent rape attempted murder
Poland Genocide, war crimes, high treason, murder, assassination attempt of Polish president
Portugal No life imprisonment sentence
Republic of Macedonia Rape, robbery, drug offenses crimes against humanity
Republic of the Congo No life imprisonment sentence
Romania Treason and other grave crimes against the state, extremely grave murder, capitulation, desertion on the battlefield, crimes against peace or humanity
Russia See details
Saudi Arabia Homosexuality, witchcraft
Serbia No life imprisonment sentence
Singapore Drug trafficking, gun crime
Slovakia Crimes against humanity, war crimes
Slovenia Terrorism, drug offenses, crimes against humanity
Somalia Sodomy, adultery, crimes against humanity
South Africa ??
South Korea Counterfeiting or falsification of currency
Spain No life imprisonment sentence
Sweden Murder, kidnapping, arson, sabotage, devastation, hijacking, espionage, terror crimes, rebellion, endangering the public health by spread of contagion or poison, disloyalty when negotiating with foreign powers, dealing with anti-personnel mines, cluster bombs or chemical or nuclear weapons, unlawful nuclear explosion, treason, genocide and (the following in wartime only) mutiny, insubordination, undermining the will to fight, desertation, unauthorised capitulation, negligence of war preparations and negligence of battle duty; attempts, accessories, accomplices and incitements of all the above crimes might also be punished with life.
Switzerland Aggravated murder, aggravated hostage-taking, genocide, endangering the independence of the country
Syria Drug offenses
Tajikistan Treason
Tunisia Drug trafficking
Turkey Sexual offences, military and political crimes
Turkmenistan Treason
Ukraine ??
United States Varies by state
Uruguay No life imprisonment sentence
Uzbekistan Aggravated murder, terrorism
Venezuela No life imprisonment sentence
Vietnam ??


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