Facts and stats about Oman

3.15 million

Population. Ranked 136th in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 39th in 2011.


Saudi Arabia 676 km, UAE 410 km, Yemen 288 km
Largest city Muscat - 350,000
Capital city Muscat - 350,000
Major language Arabic
Major religion Islam
Monetary unit Omani rial
Alternative names Oman, Uman, Saltanat Uman, Sultanate of Oman
Groups Group object, Group object, Group object, Group object, Group object

Interesting observations about Oman


Oman is a country in Arabia. The main religion is Islam. The main language is Arabic. Muskat and Oman became an independent state in 1744. The country is an absolute monarchy.

Posted on 31 Dec 2004

Packard Bell

Packard Bell

  • A former commerce minister (Mohammed al-Khusaibi) has been sentenced to three years in prison for corruption. He was fined $2 million. The senior official was found culpable of giving bribes worth $1 million to a former transport ministry undersecretary, Mohammed al-Amri. This payoff was associated with the airport development in Muscat. The undersecretary was meted a three-year prison sentence on top of a $3.1 million fine. Khusaibi is the most senior official to be convicted as part of a campaign against corruption in the sultanate. People have been detained in Oman due to labour law contravention. In fact, government authorities have been going hard against illegal work practices.

    Compared to neighbouring Saudi Arabia, there is inadequate media hype about what has been going on in Oman. Majority of news articles are “praise releases and not objective news stories.” However, many negative incidents are not being reported accurately. Oman is confronted with political and economic difficulties that may not improve at all in the coming years. As an example, the sultanate's major oil reserves continue to decrease. The growth of population does not slow down. Political problems are not being addressed properly. The government seems to give little attention to the fact that these issues should be addressed straight away. http://digilib.gmu.edu/jspui/bitstream/1920/3031/1/Assessing%20Political%20Stability%20of%20Oman.pdf

    Surprisingly, Oman has one of the most highly educated and most progressive political leaders in the Arab world. Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said has mature liberal values. When the Arab Spring generated mass actions in the capital of Muscat as well as other urban areas, the Sultan cleverly allowed demonstrations to go on. When everything has died down, the Sultan strengthened the elected Shura Council. He sacked the old ministers and replaced them with young and progressive thinking individuals. He ordered the arrest of some radicals. He did this in a way that while the authorities were heavily criticized, his own status and power were not visibly affected. He came out in a better position and got more respect from other nations compared to other leaders in the Middle Eastern region.

    jaacosta47 25 May 2014

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