Italy Conflict Stats


Terrorism > Global Terrorism Index 2.07 2014 56th out of 155
Terrorism > Government reaction to the death of Osama bin Laden Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said of bin Laden's killing, "This is a great outcome in the fight against evil, in the fight against terrorism, a great outcome for the United States and for all democracies." Minister of Foreign Affairs Franco Frattini hailed the killing of bin Laden as "a great victory" for the U.S. and the international community as a whole in the struggle against al-Qaeda and terrorism. The Minister has praised U.S. officials for the operation. Minister of the Interior Roberto Maroni said that "Bin Laden's elimination is a good news" and he shared Interpol chief's concerns about risks of immediate terrorist reactions. 2014
War > World War I > Deaths as percent of population 3.48% 2014 5th out of 19
War > World War I > Direct civilian deaths 4,000 military action 2014 5th out of 10
War > World War I > Indirect civilian deaths 585,000 2014 1st out of 10
War > World War I > Military deaths 651,000 2014 3rd out of 16
War > World War I > Military wounded 953,886 2014 3rd out of 16
War > World War I > Total deaths 1.24 million 2014 2nd out of 19
War > World War II > Civilian deaths by military and war crimes 153,200 1939 8th out of 26
War > World War II > Deaths, percent of pre-war population 1.03 1939 9th out of 31
War > World War II > Jewish, percent killed 16.1% 2000 15th out of 16
War > World War II > Pre-war Roma (gypsy) population 25,000 2000 7th out of 16
War > World War II > Roma (gypsy) deaths 1,000 2000 12th out of 17
War > World War II > Total deaths 454,600 1945 4th out of 30
World War II > Holocaust > Jews killed 8,000 2013 11th out of 14


Italy Conflict Profiles (Subcategories)

War 16 Wars 4

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