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Countries named after legendary figures Jacob , who was also called Israel in the Bible (legendary figure) 2014
Daylight Savings Time end date Last Sunday October 2013
Daylight Savings Time start date Friday before last Sunday March 2013
First human settlement > Date 100,000 BP 2014
First human settlement > Notes Discovered in 1929-1935; remains exhibit a mix of archaic and modern traits and may represent an early migration from Africa that died out by 80,000 years ago. 2014
First human settlement > Place Skhul/Qafzeh 2014
Full name State of Israel 2013
Independence day date Iyar 5 (On or between April 15 and May 15, depending on the Hebrew calendar ). 1948
Land border length 1,017 km 2014 120th out of 200
Named after legend Jacob , who was also called Israel in the Bible (legendary figure) 2014
National anthems HaTikvah ( The Hope ) 2011
National identity card The Teudat Zehut is first issued at age 16 and is compulsory by 18. 2004
Neighboring countries and territories Cyprus (M) Egypt Jordan Lebanon Syria (L) Gaza Strip ( Palestinian territories ) West Bank ( Palestinian territories ) (L) 2014

A densely-populated country on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, Israel is the only state in the world with a majority Jewish population.

It has been locked in conflict with the Palestinians and its Arab neighbours over ownership of land considered holy by Jews, Christians and Muslims since its creation in 1948.

The division of the former British mandate of Palestine and the creation of the state of Israel in the years after the end of World War II was the culmination of the Zionist movement, whose aim was a homeland for Jews scattered all over the world. After the Nazi Holocaust pressure grew for the international recognition of a Jewish state, and in 1948 Israel declared its independence following a UN vote to partition Palestine.

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