Iraq Transport Stats


Airports 102 2013 55th out of 235
Airports > Per capita 3.28 per 1 million people 2010 92nd out of 133
Gross value added by transport, storage and communication 7.74 billion 2012 57th out of 204
Gross value added by transport, storage and communication per capita 237.44 2012 134th out of 201
Motor vehicles 50 motor vehicles per 100 p 1995 7th out of 15
Ports and terminals Al Basrah, Khawr az Zubayr, Umm Qasr 2013
Rail > Railway length 2,032 km 2014 68th out of 147
Rail lines > Total route-km 2,032 2008 60th out of 94
Road > Motor vehicles per 1000 people 50 2014 130th out of 191
Road > Motorway density 96.41 m of motorway per square km 2014 38th out of 93
Road > Motorway length 2,227 km 2014 19th out of 93
Road network length > Km 2014 83th out of 219
Roads > Passenger cars > Per 1,000 people 27 2006 89th out of 113
Roadways > Unpaved 7,049 km 2002 32nd out of 53
Waterways 5,279 km 2012 9th out of 31

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Iraq Transport Profiles (Subcategories)

Airports 54 Railways 15
Air transport 6 Road 4
Highways 6 Roads 8
Maritime 111 Road sector energy 3
Merchant marine 16 Roadways 6
Pipelines 11 Transport services 3

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