Iraq Democracy Stats


  • 2010-2011 Middle East and North Africa protests > Deaths: Death toll in protests that erupted in many African and Middle east countries inspired by the initial protests in Tunisia in December 2010.
  • Bertelsmann Transformation Index > Status Index 2006: The Status Index’s overall result represents the mean value of the scores for the dimensions “Political Transformationâ€? and “Economic Transformationâ€?. The mean value was calculated using the exact, unrounded values for both these dimensions, which, in turn, were derived from the ratings for the five political criteria (based on 18 indicators) and the seven economic criteria (based on 14 indicators). The table shows rounded scores for political and economic transformation as well as for the Status Index’s overall result. In some cases, therefore, the overall result differs slightly from the mean value.
  • Bertelsmann Transformation Index>Political Transformation: Political Transformation The score for â€?Political Transformation“ is obtained by calculating the mean value of the ratings for the following criteria: · Stateness · Political Participation · Rule of Law · Stability of Democratic Institutions · Political and Social Integration
  • Civil and political liberties: Civil and political liberties
    Units: Index Ranging from 7 (High Levels of Liberties) to 1 (Low
    Units: This is the average of two indicators - civil liberties and political liberties.
  • Democratic institutions rating: Democratic institutions
    Units: Scale ranging from -10 (autocratic) to +10 (democratic)
2010-2011 Middle East and North Africa protests > Deaths 35 2011
Bertelsmann Transformation Index > Status Index 2006 2.79 2006 113th out of 118
Bertelsmann Transformation Index>Political Transformation 2.68 2006 112th out of 118
Civil and political liberties 0.0 2001 134th out of 140
Democratic institutions rating -9 1999 136th out of 140
Gender Parity Index in primary level enrolment 0.825 2005 137th out of 149

SOURCES: Various sources compiled into Wikipedia's: 2010-2011 Middle East and North Africa protests; Bertelsmann Transformation Index online, 2006; http://www.bertelsmann-transformation-index.de/fileadmin/pdf/BTI_2006_Ranking_GB.pdf; Freedom House, Freedom in the World 2000-2001, New York: Freedom House, 2001; Polity IV Project, University of Maryland, at Polity IV Project; Source: Millennium Development Goals Database | United Nations Statistics Division


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