French Guiana

French Guiana Education Stats


Child care (preschool) > Duration 4 1998 23th out of 203
Child care (preschool) > Starting age 2 1998 197th out of 203
Child care (preschool) > Students per teacher 27.09 1984 27th out of 88
College and university > Share of total education spending 0.244% 1993 5th out of 6
Education enrolment by level > Primary level 17,006 1995 143th out of 147
Elementary (primary school) > Duration 5 1998 164th out of 210
Elementary (primary school) > Starting age 6 1998 118th out of 210
High school > Gender parity index 1.11 1997 11th out of 72
High school > Lower secondary school duration 4 1998 51st out of 171
High school > Students per teacher 14.73 1997 30th out of 55
High school > Upper secondary school duration 3 1998 75th out of 174


French Guiana Education Profiles (Subcategories)

Child care (preschool) 3 High school 6
Education enrolment by level 4

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