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National tree:

Palmyra palm


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Countries named after legendary figures Sage Kambu Swayambhuva 2014
First human settlement > Date 7,000 BC 2014
First human settlement > Notes Laang Spean cave in the Stung Sangker River valley, Battambang Province 2014
First human settlement > Place Laang Spean 2014
Full name Kingdom of Cambodia 2013
Independence day date November 9 1953
Land border length 2,572 km 2014 71st out of 200
Named after legend Sage Kambu Swayambhuva 2014
National anthems Nokor Reach ( Royal Kingdom ) 2011
Neighboring countries and territories Laos (L) Thailand Vietnam 2014
Number of maritime boundary neighbours 2 2014 106th out of 171

Cambodia is benefiting from two decades of relative stability, having endured civil war and the murderous rule of the Khmer Rouge.

As it attempts to end its dependence on foreign aid, the country's economic potential and natural resources are drawing foreign investment - especially from China and neighbouring Vietnam.

Garment-making is the biggest industry, employing around half a million people and accounting for 80% of exports. Tourism is expanding, and Cambodia hopes to tap into offshore oil and gas reserves.

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