Non-religious countries Compared by Lifestyle > Life satisfaction inequality

DEFINITION: This data is indicative of how much citizens differ in enjoyment of their life-as-a-whole.Life-satisfaction assessed by means of surveys in samples of the general population. Scores may be too low in some countries, due to under sampling of rural and illiterate population. In this ranking the focus is not on the level of happiness in the country, but on inequality in happiness among citizens.Inequality in happiness can be measured by the dispersion of responses to survey-questions. The degree of dispersion can be expressed statistically in the standard deviation and surveys items rated on a 10 step numerical scale are particularly usefull for that purpose. Most scores are based on responses to the following question: "All things considered, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with your life-as-a-whole now? 1 dissatisfied to10 satisfied".


1 Turkey 3 2004
=2 Azerbaijan 2.6 2004
=2 China 2.6 2004
4 Vietnam 2.3 2004
5 France 2.2 2004
=6 Australia 2.1 2004
=6 Austria 2.1 2004
=6 Japan 2.1 2004
=9 Canada 2 2004
=9 Sweden 2 2004
11 Netherlands 1.6 2004


Non-religious countries Compared by Lifestyle > Life satisfaction inequality


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