Non-religious countries Compared by Economy > Entrepreneurship > Dealing with Licenses > Index ranking

DEFINITION: Doing Business records all procedures required for a business in the construction industry to build a standardized warehouse. These include obtaining all necessary licenses and permits, completing all required notifications and inspections and submitting the relevant documents (for example, building plans and site maps) to the authorities. Doing Business also records procedures for obtaining utility connections, such as electricity, telephone, water and sewerage. The survey divides the process of building a warehouse into distinct procedures and calculates the time and cost of completing each procedure under normal circumstances. Information is collected from construction lawyers, construction firms and public officials who deal with building regulations. To make the data comparable across countries, several assumptions about the business and the procedures are used. NOTE: This is a ranking derived from several indicators, 1 being the best (ranked first). The higher the number on this graph, the lower their overall ranking. Invert this graph by clicking on 'Amount' at the top. Consult source for details on methodology.


1 Azerbaijan 139 2005
2 Turkey 137 2005
3 China 136 2005
4 Czech Republic 87 2005
5 Hong Kong 77 2005
6 Netherlands 66 2005
7 Austria 41 2005
8 France 23 2005
9 Canada 21 2005
10 Vietnam 18 2005
11 Sweden 13 2005
12 Australia 12 2005
13 Japan 5 2005


Non-religious countries Compared by Economy > Entrepreneurship > Dealing with Licenses > Index ranking


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