Former French colonies Compared by Economy > Entrepreneurship > Enforcing Contracts > Index ranking

DEFINITION: Indicators on enforcing contracts measure the efficiency of the judicial (or administrative) system in the collection of overdue debt. The data are built by following the step-by-step evolution of a payment dispute either before local courts or through an administrative process, if such a process is available and preferred by creditors. The data are collected through study of the codes of civil procedures and other court regulations as well as surveys of local litigation lawyers. At least 2 lawyers participate in each country, and in a quarter of the countries judges also complete the survey. To ensure comparability, survey respondents are provided with significant detail, including the amount of the claim, the location and main characteristics of the litigants, the presence of city regulations, the nature of the remedy requested by the plaintiff, the merit of the plaintiff ’s and the defendant’s claims and the social implications of the judicial outcomes. NOTE: This is a ranking derived from several indicators, 1 being the best (ranked first). The higher the number on this graph, the lower their overall ranking. Invert this graph by clicking on 'Amount' at the top. Consult source for details on methodology.


1 Central African Republic 153 2005
2 Cameroon 152 2005
3 Chad 150 2005
4 Syria 149 2005
5 Benin 146 2005
6 Burkina Faso 144 2005
7 Laos 143 2005
8 Lebanon 142 2005
9 Algeria 131 2005
10 Cambodia 127 2005
11 Togo 124 2005
12 Cote d'Ivoire 116 2005
13 Mozambique 115 2005
14 Senegal 109 2005
15 Vietnam 102 2005
16 Guinea 101 2005
17 Niger 99 2005
18 Haiti 96 2005
19 Mauritania 94 2005
20 Mali 86 2005
21 Madagascar 59 2005
22 Morocco 29 2005
23 Tunisia 6 2005


Former French colonies Compared by Economy > Entrepreneurship > Enforcing Contracts > Index ranking


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