Eurozone Compared by Economy > Entrepreneurship > Registering Property > Index ranking

DEFINITION: Doing Business records the full sequence of procedures necessary when a business purchases land and a building to transfer the property title from the seller to the buyer, so that the buyer can use it for expanding his business, as collateral in taking new loans, or, if necessary, to sell it to another business. Every required procedure is included, whether it is the responsibility of the seller or the buyer or required to be completed by a third party on their behalf. Local property lawyers and property registries provide information on required procedures as well as the time and cost to complete each of them. NOTE: This is a ranking derived from several indicators, 1 being the best (ranked first). The higher the number on this graph, the lower their overall ranking. Invert this graph by clicking on 'Amount' at the top. Consult source for details on methodology.


1 France 144 2005
2 Belgium 141 2005
3 Greece 130 2005
4 Portugal 93 2005
5 Latvia 89 2005
6 Slovenia 88 2005
7 Ireland 69 2005
8 Italy 48 2005
9 Spain 37 2005
10 Germany 33 2005
11 Estonia 29 2005
12 Austria 28 2005
13 Netherlands 20 2005
14 Finland 16 2005
15 Slovakia 6 2005


Eurozone Compared by Economy > Entrepreneurship > Registering Property > Index ranking


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