East Asia and Pacific Compared by Economy > Entrepreneurship > Paying Taxes > Index ranking

DEFINITION: Doing Business records the tax that a medium-size company must pay or withhold in a given year, as well as measures of the administrative burden in paying taxes. Taxes are measured at all levels of government and include the corporate income tax, the personal income tax withheld by the company, the value added tax or sales tax, property taxes, property transfer taxes, the dividend tax, the capital gains tax, the financial transactions tax, waste collection taxes and vehicle and road taxes. To measure the tax paid by a standardized business and the complexity of a country’s tax law, a case study is prepared with a set of financial statements and assumptions about transactions made over the year. Experts in each country compute the taxes owed for their jurisdiction based on the standardized case facts. Information on the frequency of filing, audits and other costs of compliance is also compiled. The project is developed and implemented in cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers. NOTE: This is a ranking derived from several indicators, 1 being the best (ranked first). The higher the number on this graph, the lower their overall ranking. Invert this graph by clicking on 'Amount' at the top. Consult source for details on methodology.


1 China 119 2005
2 Indonesia 118 2005
3 Vietnam 107 2005
4 Mongolia 101 2005
5 Philippines 80 2005
6 Papua New Guinea 60 2005
7 East Timor 55 2005
8 Samoa 53 2005
9 Japan 50 2005
10 South Korea 44 2005
11 Fiji 41 2005
12 Marshall Islands 39 2005
13 Laos 36 2005
14 Thailand 34 2005
15 Taiwan 32 2005
16 Vanuatu 29 2005
17 Palau 27 2005
18 Cambodia 24 2005
19 Solomon Islands 22 2005
20 Malaysia 19 2005
21 Tonga 17 2005
22 New Zealand 16 2005
23 Australia 14 2005
24 Federated States of Micronesia 11 2005
25 Kiribati 10 2005
26 Singapore 9 2005


East Asia and Pacific Compared by Economy > Entrepreneurship > Paying Taxes > Index ranking


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