Thailand High school Stats


Gender parity index 1.08 2012 2nd out of 13
Gender ratio 108.56 2008 14th out of 116
Lower Secondary > Students per teacher 20.88 2012 15th out of 39
Lower secondary school duration 3 2012 156th out of 205
Lower secondary starting age 12 2012 110th out of 205
Population with at least high school education > Men 35.6% 2010 121st out of 155
Population with at least high school education > Women 29% 2010 113th out of 155
Private school share 16.4% 2012 27th out of 64
Proportion spent on all staff salaries 43.92% 2011 38th out of 39
Share of total education spending 32.87% 2011 23th out of 50
Students per teacher 19.91 2011 32nd out of 103
Upper Secondary > Students per teacher 17.83 2011 25th out of 82
Upper secondary school duration 3 2012 114th out of 205
Upper secondary starting age 15 2012 145th out of 205


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